Feltlikeit was set up in 2008 as an identity for my own predominantly felt based textile work. I have over 17 years of experience as a practitioner and tutor and have run workshops and courses for all ages and abilities.  


themes, ideas & the creative process 

I am inspired by often quite mundane objects with an interest in our relationship to them, how they are used, and the context in which we view them. Sentiment and nostalgia sometimes play a big part in my work, either through a personal attachment to the objects, or a constructed narrative.


The visual aesthetics of the objects and images I work with are really important and sometimes it is about finding the hidden beauty in the banal and everyday. By playing with interesting juxtapositions and making connections between seemingly disparate artifacts interesting qualities emerge.  


Experiences and half recalled memories often inspire responses to objects and imagery the creative process often starts with photographs, the objects themselves and sketches. This 'ideas research' stage often involves revisiting existing work or developing unresolved pieces.


My background is in fine art painting and I specialise in charcoal, graphite, inks and oil paint. The materials are selected by what is most appropriate to the imagery and my ideas and sometimes a theme will be explored in different ways.


The images below show are mixed media (laser etched, embroidery and oil paint) pieces as well as felt pieces (laser cut felt with embroidery).









Images of my work, text and videos are protected by a Creative Commons license. Images, text and videos can be used and you can share them with others as long as you credit me, but they can't be changed in any way or used commercially.




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